HQS Inspection: Common Fail Items

Each assisted unit must pass Housing Quality Standards Inspection at initial move-in and periodically during tenancy. Below are common fail items of which each resident should be aware.

  1. Utilities not turned on (All utilities must be on and all appliances and equipment operable.)
  2. Missing light globes
  3. Cracked/missing electrical switch plates and receptacle covers
  4. Missing smoke detectors or smoke detectors missing batteries
  5. Blocked egress (windows, doors) (At least one window must provide unobstructed egress from the room.)
  6. Windows not operating properly, cracked or broken panes
  7. Stove burners and/or oven inoperable (All knobs must be present and marked)
  8. Refrigerator missing components or inoperable
  9. Doors not weather tight with workable locks
  10. Holes in walls/ doors
  11. Excessively dirty carpet/walls