Broadband Subsidy Available to HUD-Assisted Families

If you take just a second to think about it, it’s astonishing how much the internet has revolutionized our lives. Doctors are a video call away, we work with colleagues across the country in real time, and we’ve got whole libraries full of information at our fingertips. Yet for many of the families, internet access remains just out of reach. With the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) we can make major strides in closing the digital divide and expanding broadband access for HUD-assisted families including yours.

ACP offers your household up to $30/month discount for broadband service and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a computer or tablet (through participating Internet Service Providers). As a resident, you automatically qualify for ACP and the subsidy is not considered income for the purpose of determining program eligibility or household rent.

HUD’s nonprofit partner, Education Super-Highway (ESH) is making it even easier to share the ACP resources with these specially developed tools:

The FCC’s ACP Outreach Toolkit is another great resource.

These links have everything you need to get information when you’re ready to enroll, you can go to or call 877-384-2575 to request a paper application.