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List your property for free.

If you are a registered landlord, you may access the Landlord Portal here.

Benefits of Participation

Guaranteed Rent

BHA pays a portion of the rent to participating landlords each month. The tenant pays the difference between the subsidy and the total contract rent, in addition to any utilities not included in the rent.

Free Inspections

BHA will inspect your unit at no cost to you to ensure that it is safe, decent, and in good repair. The inspector will ensure that your unit meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS) established for the program.

Free Listings

Participating landlords may list their rentals with BHA. BHA connects landlords who have vacancies directly with Housing Choice Voucher holders looking for a home.

Helping Others in Need

Landlords experience the satisfaction of providing a place to live for low-income families while receiving a dependable source of income.

How to Participate

  1. List your unit for free here.
  2. Screen voucher holders for suitability.
  3. Complete the Owners Packet, which includes the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA), and submit it to BHA.
  4. Await inspection and approval of the unit.
  5. Execute the lease agreement.
  6. Sign the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract


No. BHA screens each applicant for eligibility for the HCV program. However, it is the landlord’s responsibility to screen and select resident. Some best practices include obtaining references from individuals and perform additional screening the same as a private market unassisted resident.

The rent charged must be reasonable in comparison to other rental property in the same area and not more for the assisted family than rent charged to unassisted families. The rent must also be affordable for the family, meaning their portion cannot be more than 40% of their monthly adjusted income.

Payments are made around the third day of the month.

Enforce your lease agreement by sending written notices. If your tenant still refuses to pay, then you may have to file for eviction through court. If an eviction is necessary, provide a copy of the documents to BHA. This would be the process for other lease violations as well.

You must provide a written 60-day notice of increase to the tenant and copy BHA. Increases are subject to rent reasonableness determination by BHA and should be submitted 60 days from the date of the lease renewal.  

Some of the common reasons why units fail HQS are:

  • Inoperable or missing smoke alarms
  • Chipping, peeling, scaling, flaking paint
  • Broken or cracked windows
  • Plumbing problems, leaking faucets, etc.
  • Tripping hazards related to worn carpeting, broken or missing tiles
  • Electrical hazards such as faulty outlets, switches and missing cover plates, etc.
  • Malfunctioning heating and cooling systems
  • No ventilation in bathrooms (exhaust fan must be present if there is no window)
  • Missing discharge on water heaters
  • Defective appliances
  • Non-working utilities
  • Severe rodent or insect infestation