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The Biloxi Housing Authority (BHA) invites bids for construction and maintenance services, consulting and professional services, goods and supplies. BHA’s Administrative Services is responsible for all procurement activities. It solicits bids, initiates requests for proposals, qualifications and quotes, issues purchase orders and establishes contract agreements.

Any individual or firm may submit bids, proposals or quotes when procurement requests are available. The agency strongly encourages the participation of:

  • Minority-owned and Women-owned Business Enterprises
  • Small businesses
  • Section 3 businesses
  • Veteran-owned businesses

The BHA  will procure quality goods and services in a fair, open, competitive and respectful process for everyone involved. For details please review the BHA Procurement Policy and Forms below. The Biloxi Housing Authority uses the following types of procurement methods for companies interested in doing business with the agency.

  • Micro Purchases – Purchases not over $5,000.00 (Non-Competitive Proposals)
  • Small Purchases – Purchases over $5,000.00 but not exceeding $50,000.00 (Competitive Bids)
  • Sealed Bids – Purchases over $50,000.00 (Construction/Sealed Bidding)
  • Competitive Proposals
  • Architect and Engineers – Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • Non-Competitive Proposals – Request for Proposals (RFP)

Policy & Forms